**Attention GHIN Members**

Scores need to be posted the same day as play, and if not possible, ASAP thereafter. Any player failing to post a score, will be assessed a penalty score. Please be sure to post your scores.

  1 Andersen/Riche   10 Merenick/Monaghan  
  2 White/Wortman   11 Tidquist/Windoft    
  3 Bailey/Gray   12 Christie/Osborne    
  4 Butina/Nowacki   13 Wilson/McClement  
  5 Holter/Nuhfer   14 Wilson/Fellows    
  6 Eaton/Crossley   15 Davis/Zieralski    
  7 Eaton/Errett   16 Cerra/Schwanke    
  8 Nuhfer/Brown   17 Marek/Hardy    
  9 Marino/McClement          
Date                 BYE
11-Apr 1v2 9v11 3v17 8v12 4v16 7v13 5v15 6v14 10
18-Apr RAIN OUT              
25-Apr 2v3 10v12 1v4 9v13 5v17 8v14 6v16 7v15 11
2-May RAIN OUT              
9-May 3v4 11v13 2v5 10v14 1v6 9v15 7v17 8v16 12
16-May 12v13 3v5 11v14 2v6 10v15 1v7 9v16 8v17 4
23-May 4v5 12v14 3v6 11v15 2v7 10v16 1v8 9v17 13
30-May 13v14 4v6 12v15 3v7 11v16 2v8 10v17 1v9 5
6-Jun 5v6 13v15 4v7 12v16 3v8 11v17 2v9 1v10 14
13-Jun 14v15 5v7 13v16 4v8 12v17 3v9 1v11 2v10 6
20-Jun 6v7 14v16 5v8 13v17 4v9 1v12 3v10 2v11 15
27-Jun 15v16 6v8 14v17 5v9 1v13 4v10 2v12 3v11 7
11-Jul 7v8 15v17 6v9 1v14 5v10 2v13 4v11 3v12 16
18-Jul 16v17 7v9 1v15 6v10 2v14 5v11 3v13 4v12 8
25-Jul 8v9 1v16 7v10 2v15 6v11 3v14 5v12 4v13 17
1-Aug 1v17 8v10 2v16 7v11 3v15 6v12 4v14 5v13 9
8-Aug 9v10 2v17 8v11 3v16 7v12 4v15 6v13 5v14 1
15-Aug 10v11 1v3 9v12 4v17 8v13 5v16 7v14 6v15 2
22-Aug 11v12 2v4 10v13 1v5 9v14 6v17 8v15 7v16 3
29-Aug See   Below              
24-Sep End of Year Tourney

Please be sure enter your scores. You don’t have to use the Competition selector, just GHIN as a normal round  I was misinformed about how the Competition scores are used. 

You may accept a gimmie under the GHIN rules (I wasn’t aware)  however if that will be the score your team will use you can’t.  If you are out of the hole and are given a putt, you may elect to pick up, but take 1 or 2 shots depending on how far away you are..  Example…10 feet would equal 2 shots.