**Attention GHIN Members**

Scores need to be posted the same day as play, and if not possible, ASAP thereafter. Any player failing to post a score, will be assessed a penalty score. Please be sure to post your scores.

A Flight      
  1st Low Gross Deb Niederriter 42
September 5, 2023 2nd Low Gross Margie Cerra 43
Tournament-GREAT BEGINNINGS      
(score on first 3 holes) 1st Low Net Deb Niederriter 32
  2nd Low Net Margie Cerra 33
Tournament Winners 1st Sharon Birtcil 13
  2nd Margie Cerra / Barb Hill / deb Niederriter 15
B Flight      
  1st Low Gross Debbie Borst / Sandy Wilks 48
  2nd Low Gross Jody Christensen 49
  1st Low Net Debbie Borst 33
  2nd Low Net Sandy Wilks 34
Tournament Winners 1st Debbie Borst / Jeana Morrison 16
  2nd Cayla Hoffman / Patti Larson / Cindy Paulmier 17
C Flight      
  1st Low Gross Sue Ferranto 51
  2nd Low Gross Amy Stewart 53
  1st Low Net Sue Ferranto 35
  2nd Low Net Amy Stewart 37
Tournament Winners 1st Sue Ferranto 17
  2nd Amy Stewart 19
D Flight      
  1st Low Gross Jen Dilks 45
  2nd Low Gross Jackie Saber 47
  1st Low Net Jen Dilks 28
  2nd Low Net Jackie Saber 30
Tournament Winners 1st Jackie Saber 16
  2nd Jen Dilks / Susan Wilson 17
E Flight      
  1st Low Gross Lisa Christie 49
September 5, 2023      
Tournament-GREAT BEGINNINGS 2nd Low Gross Sue Shields 50
(score on first 3 holes)      
  1st Low Net Lisa Christie 29
  2nd Low Net Deb Mooney / Sue Shields 31
Tournament Winners 1st Linda Bajorek / DebMooney / Sue Shields 18
  2nd Lisa Christie / Becky Olofson 20
F Flight      
  1st Low Gross Linda Dies 53
  2nd Low Gross Young Hui Waite 54
  1st Low Net Linda Dies 30
  2nd Low Net Young Hui Waite 31
Tournament Winners 1st Linda Dies 17
  2nd Young Hui Waite 20
G Flight      
  1st Low Gross Melissa Schrader 58
  2nd Low Gross Donna Herzog 59
  1st Low Net Melissa Schrader 33
  2nd Low Net Donna Herzog 34
Tournament Winners 1st Ashley Elms 19
  2nd Donna Herzog 20
H Flight      
  1st Low Gross Patsy Ball 67
  2nd Low Gross Dot Bero / Sue Scalise 68
  1st Low Net Patsy Ball / Dot Bero 37
  2nd Low Net Tammy Lauger / Sue Scalise 39
Tournament Winners 1st Dot Bero 22
  2nd Sue Scalise 23
Event Winner Closest to the Pin on hole #4 - Deb Niederriter - 11'