Blueberry Hill Golf Club was opened on May 27, 1961 as a nine hole course. Designed by golf course architects James Harrison and Ferdinand Garbin, the course was expanded to its present 18 holes in June of 1970.

Playing at 6428 yards from the white tees, accuracy, rather than length, is required to score well at Blueberry. After a good drive into one of the many tree lined and sloping fairways, even more emphasis is placed on an accurate approach shot.

Players will need to avoid steep banks, grass bunkering, and the five ponds that guard Blueberry's greens. Imagination, along with a good short game, will be required to compensate for a miss.

With a back to front slope, a key element to scoring well at Blueberry Hill, is to keep the ball below the hole, where you'll have the best chance at birdie or par.


USGA Rating/Slope

Men's Par 72

Ladies Par 73

Blue Tees - 6716 yds - 71.8/123

White Tees - 6428 yds - 70.5/119

Gold Tees - 5381 yds - 66.7/113

Red Tees - 5270 yds - 71.4/120


Fairway Markers

Blue - 200 yards

White - 150 yards

Red - 100 yards


USGA rules of play (except where local rules take effect)

Out of Bounds

Defined by white stakes

  • Left on No.'s 4, 6, & 17
  • Behind No. 9 Green
  • Right on No.'s 11, 12, 13, & 14
  • Behind No. 14 Green


Red stakes indicate lateral hazards as follows:

  • Left & behind the green on No. 5
  • Balls entering the hazard past the blue stake on No. 5 at the end of the fence, may use the ball drop behind the green
  • Pond on No. 8
  • Ponds on No. 10
  • All other ponds are played as a regular hazard


Rules for Course Conduct

  • Each player must have their own clubs & bag
  • Fivesomes allowed only with permission from the Pro Shop
  • Must be 16 years old to drive a golf cart
  • Always let faster players thru
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • No children under 12 years of age without an adult
  • Traffic from No. 5 green to No. 6 tee must go behind No. 2 green
  • All beverages taken onto the course must be purchased from the clubhouse